January 2009

Curly Locks

The other day I put pin curls in India’s hair.  After a day of wearing them, we took them out.  This is what unraveled.


Ahoy Mates

There be pirates ahead!
We went all out for Ezra’s 3rd birthday. We sunk a pirate ship with cannon balls, had a treasure hunt, put jewels on personal treasure chests and had a few sword fights here and there. Oh yes, there was cake and ice cream too.

Our front room had a bit of a makeover.  We needed to turn the house into a ship… this was what we came up with.


The treasure map, thanks to India’s artistic skills.

20090117_0077 20090117_0084

The treasure chests coming together.

20090117_0069 20090117_0082


The booty was found inside this treasure chest.

(Plain trunk purchased at craft store.  With a little paint and glitter glue we made a beautiful treasure chest).



The ship they were to sink with cannon balls.  I think this was an activity to shut the door on and let them have at it.  Whiffle balls were flying!


Two puffs is all it took.  He’d been practicing.


Sharing a seat… for a little while anyway.  Once Ezra noticed, he pushed India off.  Brotherly love.

I’m still alive

Just waiting for our new computer to live.  I’ve got updates just waiting in the wings…

Handmade Christmas

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Now keep in mind, not every gift this year was handmade. No matter how hard I tried I couldn’t make “Little Big Planet” or that double light saber (which Ez had prayed for all year). But I figured we could make gifts for our extended family members. So we did.
I had high hopes of binding a journal or album for my sister in law to help her chronicle their stay in France. But someone took all my time and I couldn’t stitch another stitch. This someone was a little girl made of felt and stuffed with fuzz. We didn’t name her, but India designed her dress and drew her face. We used the tutorial here. Since I was all stitched out, I decided painting on the face was the only way to go. I think she turned out lovely.
_DSC8152 _DSC8157

I made these super cute necklaces for two my nieces. I found the how-to here. I couldn’t make the rosettes quite right so left them plain. Still a big hit… with India at least. We’ll see if the girls liked them when we visit in Feb.
_DSC8158 _DSC8161
India designed these scarfs and both kids painted them for their teachers.
_DSC8130 _DSC8134
There are one or two more gifts that I made. Give me a week or two to make sure they have been received then I’ll post them here.