Handmade Christmas

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Now keep in mind, not every gift this year was handmade. No matter how hard I tried I couldn’t make “Little Big Planet” or that double light saber (which Ez had prayed for all year). But I figured we could make gifts for our extended family members. So we did.
I had high hopes of binding a journal or album for my sister in law to help her chronicle their stay in France. But someone took all my time and I couldn’t stitch another stitch. This someone was a little girl made of felt and stuffed with fuzz. We didn’t name her, but India designed her dress and drew her face. We used the tutorial here. Since I was all stitched out, I decided painting on the face was the only way to go. I think she turned out lovely.
_DSC8152 _DSC8157

I made these super cute necklaces for two my nieces. I found the how-to here. I couldn’t make the rosettes quite right so left them plain. Still a big hit… with India at least. We’ll see if the girls liked them when we visit in Feb.
_DSC8158 _DSC8161
India designed these scarfs and both kids painted them for their teachers.
_DSC8130 _DSC8134
There are one or two more gifts that I made. Give me a week or two to make sure they have been received then I’ll post them here.

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