Ahoy Mates

There be pirates ahead!
We went all out for Ezra’s 3rd birthday. We sunk a pirate ship with cannon balls, had a treasure hunt, put jewels on personal treasure chests and had a few sword fights here and there. Oh yes, there was cake and ice cream too.

Our front room had a bit of a makeover.  We needed to turn the house into a ship… this was what we came up with.


The treasure map, thanks to India’s artistic skills.

20090117_0077 20090117_0084

The treasure chests coming together.

20090117_0069 20090117_0082


The booty was found inside this treasure chest.

(Plain trunk purchased at craft store.  With a little paint and glitter glue we made a beautiful treasure chest).



The ship they were to sink with cannon balls.  I think this was an activity to shut the door on and let them have at it.  Whiffle balls were flying!


Two puffs is all it took.  He’d been practicing.


Sharing a seat… for a little while anyway.  Once Ezra noticed, he pushed India off.  Brotherly love.

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  1. Really really cute! Remember our bubble party a few years back? Can you believe they’re three now? We’ll be in Maryland visiting family for Agnes’ birthday, so we’ll do her party at her grandparents’ house. I’m planning a carnival. We’ll see if it comes together. I sure do miss you guys.

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