July 2009

Arapahoe Acres Home Tour

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My latest project. We’ve got 10 homes for the tour! Any other AA folks want to add their home to the list?
The money earned from the tour will go to the local elementary school’s Victory Garden. We are hoping that this garden will teach the kids all about sustainability, nutrition, science and how satisfying it is to work for food. India was amazed that I pulled 3 zucchini from our garden the other day. She said “It looks just like what we would get at the store!”


More 4th portraits

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Here are a few more from Virginia. We miss you guys!

_DSC5783 _DSC5860

_DSC5837 _DSC5838

_DSC5851 _DSC5857

_DSC5884 _DSC5903

My cute nieces and nephews.

4th of July Portraits

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Visiting friends and family in the DC area for the 4th of July was the best way to spend a family vacation. We got to meet our new nephew, now a year old. Ezra and his cousin (only 4 months his jr.) had a blast together and of course India and C were like two peas in a pod. I spent most of the time with Zed and a good book pulled from the shelves from my 11 year old bookworm niece. It truly was a vacation. Lots of time was spent ignoring the kids and eating watermelon and ice cream.
We also went to our old Ward (church congregation) and it was nice to see so many familiar faces. They all asked if we were coming back. It would be nice; it is so beautiful and green out there. Especially since the weather was perfect. It was hardly humid. Unheard of for July. I only got about 3 mosquito bites… can you believe it? And the 4th was almost cold.

These were taken the morning of the 4th. Soon I’ll have all the cousins when the others visit us in August.

ZSmith _kids

First Colorado Wedding??

Can you believe it? Well, it’s true. Our friend, Bryan, got married a few weeks ago and I was honored to be their photographer. It has been awhile, and with the family in tow, I was able to capture some special moment for our good friends.
Congratulations! We are so happy for you.

bw6_20_09_029 bw6_20_09_027




bw6_20_09_102 bw6_20_09_104

6_20_09_157 6_20_09_152

bw6_20_09_151 6_20_09_078

6_20_09_133 6_20_09_135

6_20_09_159 6_20_09_172


Quiet Time

We have been trying to have a quiet time every afternoon. Just before we left for Virginia, Ezra asked if he could play with India during quiet time (often she has been at camp while we nap). I said no, but he was so sad and asked so nicely that I decided it was ok… if they remained quiet.
A little over an hour later I came downstairs and this is what I found. A couple of super heros! being nice and quiet.

6_24_09_14 6_24_09_12
India had made a Spiderman mask along with gloves and web-shooters (the paper bags around his wrists).
She called herself “Future Girl” and dressed up in her purple Mexican dress and eye mask.
I am glad they decided to be creative rather than argue or wrestle. Ezra is becoming a good playmate for India as he matures.