4th of July Portraits

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Visiting friends and family in the DC area for the 4th of July was the best way to spend a family vacation. We got to meet our new nephew, now a year old. Ezra and his cousin (only 4 months his jr.) had a blast together and of course India and C were like two peas in a pod. I spent most of the time with Zed and a good book pulled from the shelves from my 11 year old bookworm niece. It truly was a vacation. Lots of time was spent ignoring the kids and eating watermelon and ice cream.
We also went to our old Ward (church congregation) and it was nice to see so many familiar faces. They all asked if we were coming back. It would be nice; it is so beautiful and green out there. Especially since the weather was perfect. It was hardly humid. Unheard of for July. I only got about 3 mosquito bites… can you believe it? And the 4th was almost cold.

These were taken the morning of the 4th. Soon I’ll have all the cousins when the others visit us in August.

ZSmith _kids

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