Halloween Party

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Today was our neighborhood Halloween party.   What a blast.  It was a bit of a blur for me since I was kept on my toes trying to photograph all the different gouls and goblins oh and lots of princesses and pirates!  Go here for the whole collection.  I am offering one free 4×6 per household (Anneslie residents only) per shot until November 23rd.  So order soon! 

To start off, I went as a spider mamma… not really sure of my costume title.  We had a rose, (as she would say “rOse”, heavy on the ‘o’, Baltimore style)  and a spider with many, many fat legs.  Zach was his chaperone… we’ll have to work on his costume before Tuesday:

_dsc7679.jpg  _dsc7337_1.jpg


This little goldfish couldn’t be missed and how cute is this spooky skeleton!

_dsc7504.jpg  _dsc7349.jpg

Watch out for the zombie


Beautiful princess and I love this father and son costume… both on scooters too!

_dsc7533.jpg  _dsc7426.jpg


A Birthday Portrait

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We had fun throwing rocks into the water and trail blazing through the thickets to get these shots.  I love my job!

_dsc7714.jpg  _dsc7722_1.jpg

_dsc7734.jpg  _dsc7753.jpg

Halloween projects

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Ok, so this is a post that has been a long time in the making.  I have been busy as a bee making all sorts of things to decorate the house.  Not too much, mind you.  But India and I have been having fun hanging things and making paper mache… still to be completed.  Hopefully we can get our pumpkins tomorrow!

Here are the latest projects… again, pretty modest.

Our window needed a little spooky added to it and India painted a pumpkin picture for us to hang on our wall. :

_dsc6868.jpg _dsc6858.jpg

Jack the Pumpkin King has joined our home:


Stay tuned for more updates on this topic.

Bean Town Reunion Tour

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We headed north to our favorite city.  One that we like to call home.  We may both have been born and raised in California but we call the birthplace of our favorite daugher home.  I love that dirty water!  Boston you’re my home.

Ok, ok.  Enough with song quoting.  On to the photos.  I was honored to photograph this newbie.  She was born only 3 weeks before.  I must say, my trip was timed well.


Then, later in the day I visited with this family and captured a little one almost the same age as my little guy. 



How cool it is to see my couples again… and with kids!  I may be a documentary photographer and capture real life but really, what is real about a wedding day?  The white dress, the up-doo, the guys in tuxes; nothing average or normal.  I really enjoyed capturing a day in the life of the people I had only previously captured the most extraordinary day.   As Sarah said; “in our natural habitat”.  A great time.  Stay tuned, a future trip is in the works!

October wedding

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Is October almost over??!!  Time has gotten away from me.  Between making costumes to shooting lots and lots I have gotten trapped in a time-warp. 

Anyway, I had such a good time at my last wedding.  I absolutely love that we were able to sneak away from the reception site to take a few photos along side a pasture.  Too bad we were not equipped with sugar cubes to lure the horses.  Note to self: always have something to temp the livestock to come closer!  Argh.  BUT I must say it was an adventure worth the extra time.  The photos are beautiful and the horses, no matter how far away, made us all smile.

I must say that I have never been to a wedding with so many photographers.  I think there were 4 others snapping away during the group portraits.  It’s nice to know someone’s got my back.  Hey, I even got a pic of myself with the bride a groom because of it.  I want to see that one! 

Lovely evening at the Beechtree Golf Club in Aberdeen, MD.  Great folks there… very good service!  Here are just a few.


I love this look:

This is my electric car.  Not as luxurious as a limo but a very quite ride…

Did I mention that mom had a camera too??  She was shooting while walking!  Next wedding I’m in, you’ll see me doing the same!