Bean Town Reunion Tour

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We headed north to our favorite city.  One that we like to call home.  We may both have been born and raised in California but we call the birthplace of our favorite daugher home.  I love that dirty water!  Boston you’re my home.

Ok, ok.  Enough with song quoting.  On to the photos.  I was honored to photograph this newbie.  She was born only 3 weeks before.  I must say, my trip was timed well.


Then, later in the day I visited with this family and captured a little one almost the same age as my little guy. 



How cool it is to see my couples again… and with kids!  I may be a documentary photographer and capture real life but really, what is real about a wedding day?  The white dress, the up-doo, the guys in tuxes; nothing average or normal.  I really enjoyed capturing a day in the life of the people I had only previously captured the most extraordinary day.   As Sarah said; “in our natural habitat”.  A great time.  Stay tuned, a future trip is in the works!

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