Halloween Party

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Today was our neighborhood Halloween party.   What a blast.  It was a bit of a blur for me since I was kept on my toes trying to photograph all the different gouls and goblins oh and lots of princesses and pirates!  Go here for the whole collection.  I am offering one free 4×6 per household (Anneslie residents only) per shot until November 23rd.  So order soon! 

To start off, I went as a spider mamma… not really sure of my costume title.  We had a rose, (as she would say “rOse”, heavy on the ‘o’, Baltimore style)  and a spider with many, many fat legs.  Zach was his chaperone… we’ll have to work on his costume before Tuesday:

_dsc7679.jpg  _dsc7337_1.jpg


This little goldfish couldn’t be missed and how cute is this spooky skeleton!

_dsc7504.jpg  _dsc7349.jpg

Watch out for the zombie


Beautiful princess and I love this father and son costume… both on scooters too!

_dsc7533.jpg  _dsc7426.jpg


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