Family Portrait

The Green House

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Ahhh, the Green House.  We love staying at the Green House.  Our friends there are so great.  The kids have fun playing and we get to relive our time in Boston.  It is just down the street from our old place, after all.  I will miss visiting them once they have moved back to Switzerland.  I guess we’ll just have to visit them there!

It’s hard to tell here, but she’s expecting her fourth.

just like old times.  These two had a blast together.

He keeps going & going & going…

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Kids have all the energy.  Some of this spit-fire redhead’s excitement rubbed off on me.  I came back to the hotel very happy, if not a little exhausted.  I only hope some of his energy rubs off on his parents.

It is so exciting to see my past wedding clients… with their kids.  This is the first of 3 families I was able to reconnect with while in Boston.


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I love to photograph. It is so fun to discover a new place and make something beautiful. If you haven’t noticed, I’ve had to get creative in my own home lately. Thankfully this great family invited me to photograph them, giving me a chance to get out and about. Yeah!

At the Arboretum

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If you have not had a chance to visit the Cylburn Arboretum in Baltimore you should get out there while the days are still warm.  I can’t believe Baltimore weather.  It’s the end of November and we keep getting 60 degree days.  Amazing.

Anyway, this family braved a pretty cold morning to get these photographs.  They caught me just before I left on my week long excursion to Virgina.  I love the bamboo forest!



A Birthday Portrait

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We had fun throwing rocks into the water and trail blazing through the thickets to get these shots.  I love my job!

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_dsc7734.jpg  _dsc7753.jpg