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In the Mornings

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I’ve been booking fall sessions and my mind has been wrapped around photographing outside.  Then the thought came to me that once the weather turns, I will not photograph people as much.

india with book-1

India pages through last year’s book.

Yesterday I began organizing my annual photo book and found a group of images, similar in that they were all taken inside the house… in the mornings… with snugly, drowsy kids.  I’ve shared many of these here in different posts, but thought I’d bring them together into one story.  As they should be seen.

I’d love to do this for you.  You game?  Contact me and we’ll choose a nice, cold day for you to snuggle and me to photograph.

Either way, take a look at the morning story I put together.  Having these mixed with the rest of our annual story will be so cool.

sunrise photograph on a winter morning

boy snuggling with kitten, b&w photograph

Our kitten was so tiny.

eating a bowl of cereal, b&w photograph

The cat still will put her paw on his eyes.

b&w photographs from above of boy with his kitten


photograph of kids under their blanket fort

b&w photograph documenting morning at home

partial silhouette of boy playing with kitten, b&w photograph


boy with his cat cuddling on couch, b&w photograph

This one still gets sick from wheat every once in awhile.


b&w photograph of brothers wrestling

injuries adding up.

b&w photograph of kids playing soccer in their house


kids on top of bunk bed, b&w photograph

kids' baseball card collection

color photograph with boys watching tv on the couch

Our Street: Backyard Concert

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We have great neighbors. There is often something really cool or fun happening on our street. Not always, but enough to start a photo log here in the blog-sphere.
Every summer our neighbors host a backyard concert. This year they somehow booked Paper Bird, whom we once saw perform at Red Rocks. A local band. The party this year was a lot larger and louder… with the occasional power issues. Which made for some intimate, acoustic performances. Truly lovely and I only wish we could get our act together to host a backyard concert too. I have a running list of who I’d like to play in our backyard. That list is nearly never ending.

"paper bird"

Paper Bird didn’t let a little power glitch get in the way of their set. The show must go on!


of course he found the storm drain.


My little man exploring the rocks in the yard. It’s a lovely yard.


The lights really added so much to the concert this year. Well done!


These kids enjoyed the music… and got bored too. But I think they mostly had a good time.

Paper Bird backyard concert

really beautiful and just a perfect evening. No rain

paper bird backyard concert


Anniversary Party

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We lent our backyard to our friends Angel and Lynda for their 11th wedding anniversary. It was a beautiful day… if a little hot. These beautiful women have become part of our family here in Colorado. Love them.
It was so great to see so many from our ward (church congregation) come support two women who have spent so many of their years together as a couple. It means a lot.


Most of everyone who came is in this photo. I think we may have missed a few. This spot in the yard was the only true shade, so where everyone gathered.


squirt bottles on hand to help everyone cool off. Nice touch… of course my kid terrorized all the girls and eventually dumped his on his head.


keeping cool. I really cannot believe she gave me a smile. So rare and so beautiful.


Signing the matted print. I may have forgotten to sing it. I think one of my kids signed it “I love cheese”



Wish You Were Here: Denver Days

Hi all. Another week has passed in our summer vacation. Swim team is in full swing and we have heard “I’m bored!!” countless times. The kids don’t understand that being bored is really great. I try to tell them.

Two photographs showing the same boy on his way to the first and last day of school.

First day of school vs. last day of school. This guy has always got to accessorize.

Photograph of a boy drying off at the side of a Denver area pool on a cold summer morning after swim team.

Our first week of swim was cancelled due to rain. Every day- rain! Then once it warmed up, it threatened to rain every morning. It makes for great photographs and really cold swimmers.

Wish You Were Here: Still Raining

It has been raining for what seems like forever.  We have had a few hours reprieve between downpours the last couple of days and I am hoping for no rain tonight.  Zach and I are heading to Red Rocks for the Decemberist, Spoon and Courtney Barnett show.  We don’t want to be wet. #DayInALife #RainDays #documentaryPhotography
Spend a lot of time indoors with two boys and indoor soccer becomes a tradition. #DayInALife #RainDays #documentaryPhotography #Fort
Electronic devices under the fort. #DayInALife #RainDays #documentaryPhotography #kitten

This boy had several weeks of sick days. He keeps getting wheat somehow. Not good. #DayInALife #RainDays #documentaryPhotography

With the bowl and the kitten. She is so helpful. #DayInALife #RainDays #documentaryPhotography

Thank goodness for the kitten. When brother is down for a few days and the rain is pounding down, sometimes all he’s got is the kitty. #DayInALife #RainDays #documentaryPhotography #rain

Rainwater at its finest #DayInALife #RainDays #documentaryPhotography

When he’s sick with wheat intake, it is 3 days until he begins to feel well enough to eat and move. #DayInALife #RainDays #documentaryPhotography #cat

In the morning #DayInALife #RainDays #documentaryPhotography

Saturday morning strut