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Home Sweet Home

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Denver is officially home. We have been living in our new house for a week and it feels great to be surrounded by our own stuff… even if it is all in boxes.
I am learning all sorts of things about our home. I have been looking at the original drawings and the drawings from the addition that was made in 1994. It is really neat to see what was done and what the original concept was. I think for the most part… except for the cheap 70’s bathroom update and yucky carpet in the kids’ rooms… things have been done pretty well.
Here’s a photo of the front room… this is NOT our furniture. But these are our windows! We are loving the light and openness. We are also excited about the neighborhood. There’s even a pool party coming up so we’ll hopefully meet some folks there.

We are in Denver

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It’s official, we have arrived to our new home… well, our furnished rental that we can call home for the next couple of months. Hopefully we can find a cool new neighborhood that we will love as much as Annaslie. Fat chance!
Anyway, on my to do list is getting my website optimized for the Denver searches so I can start working again. Not that I’m bored. I’ve still got a few Baltimore shoots that I need to process and upload. More photos to come! Soon! I even have a wedding I would like to post ASAP. Stay with me, I’ll catch up.

We are moving

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Zach received an awesome job offer from a cochlear implant company near Denver. The offer was up in the air for what seemed like forever and it was finalized the first week of March. We put our place on the market last week and it has gone under contract after only 24 hours. We are sad to be leaving after such a brief stay in Baltimore. With everything moving so smoothly, it must be for the best.
Where are we moving? -to Denver. We’re excited because it sounds like people spend a lot of time outside. I am especially excited to begin photographing the desert again. Hopefully I can find some old, derelict buildings out there. But I must admit that I am a bit fearful that everything is new out there. Hopefully we can stay away from the California suburb type neighborhoods. Schools are a big factor for our decision, and the burbs have good ones. We’ll just have to find an area that we are comfortable with.
This is a photo I took of our current home in all its glory. More updates soon:

A time to unwind

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Ok, so I didn’t really unwind.  Since I had the weekend off from photographing, I decided to cook for my family.  We had our fameous Bonsai Burgers… credit for these awesome burgers goes to my cousins. 

You couldn’t buy a better burger.  They looked so good I had to pull out the camera.  Add guacamole with plenty of cilantro and these burgers reach new heights.  Is this the last bbq weekend?  I hope not!  Wow.  The weather here is great!


Then, to begin October off right, I roasted some veggies and topped a salad with them.  So good.  It reminded me of a salad I used to get while assisting for Paul Saraceno in Boston.  He’s a master with natural light and products.  I learned a lot from him.  Fond memories.


Not much else this weekend.  Oh yes, my daughter dressed up her brother as a fairy.  It has begun.  Sorry boy, this is too cute to keep under wraps.  You don’t mind now, but I know the day will come…



As the cute boy he is.