A time to unwind

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Ok, so I didn’t really unwind.  Since I had the weekend off from photographing, I decided to cook for my family.  We had our fameous Bonsai Burgers… credit for these awesome burgers goes to my cousins. 

You couldn’t buy a better burger.  They looked so good I had to pull out the camera.  Add guacamole with plenty of cilantro and these burgers reach new heights.  Is this the last bbq weekend?  I hope not!  Wow.  The weather here is great!


Then, to begin October off right, I roasted some veggies and topped a salad with them.  So good.  It reminded me of a salad I used to get while assisting for Paul Saraceno in Boston.  He’s a master with natural light and products.  I learned a lot from him.  Fond memories.


Not much else this weekend.  Oh yes, my daughter dressed up her brother as a fairy.  It has begun.  Sorry boy, this is too cute to keep under wraps.  You don’t mind now, but I know the day will come…



As the cute boy he is.

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