Our Street: Backyard Concert

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We have great neighbors. There is often something really cool or fun happening on our street. Not always, but enough to start a photo log here in the blog-sphere.
Every summer our neighbors host a backyard concert. This year they somehow booked Paper Bird, whom we once saw perform at Red Rocks. A local band. The party this year was a lot larger and louder… with the occasional power issues. Which made for some intimate, acoustic performances. Truly lovely and I only wish we could get our act together to host a backyard concert too. I have a running list of who I’d like to play in our backyard. That list is nearly never ending.

"paper bird"

Paper Bird didn’t let a little power glitch get in the way of their set. The show must go on!


of course he found the storm drain.


My little man exploring the rocks in the yard. It’s a lovely yard.


The lights really added so much to the concert this year. Well done!


These kids enjoyed the music… and got bored too. But I think they mostly had a good time.

Paper Bird backyard concert

really beautiful and just a perfect evening. No rain

paper bird backyard concert


Anniversary Party

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We lent our backyard to our friends Angel and Lynda for their 11th wedding anniversary. It was a beautiful day… if a little hot. These beautiful women have become part of our family here in Colorado. Love them.
It was so great to see so many from our ward (church congregation) come support two women who have spent so many of their years together as a couple. It means a lot.


Most of everyone who came is in this photo. I think we may have missed a few. This spot in the yard was the only true shade, so where everyone gathered.


squirt bottles on hand to help everyone cool off. Nice touch… of course my kid terrorized all the girls and eventually dumped his on his head.


keeping cool. I really cannot believe she gave me a smile. So rare and so beautiful.


Signing the matted print. I may have forgotten to sing it. I think one of my kids signed it “I love cheese”




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We had so much fun Friday that it was truly difficult to see the girls go home so early.  It may have something to do with the fact that we hadn’t sung happy birthday or eaten any cake (brownie) and that we didn’t get to take that group shot on the wall that was suggested.  That’s not to say I didn’t get any great photos.  I did.  These girls really started to play in front of the camera.  All of their masks were stunning.  It was so great to see them create with such abandon.  Glitter, rhinestones and feathers.  It makes for good making!

Here’s a shot of the birthday girl strutting her stuff in front of the camera… and her friends.  Santigold was playing.  Taylor Swift was requested… but really, not grovin’ enough. Come on!Masquerade_2013_23BW

This month’s Ignite Fine Art Blog Circle photograph is brought to you by an 11 year old girl’s birthday party.  Follow the link to Renee Bonuccelli’s blog and see more great photographs in this month’s photo circle.


My Girl is 11

I cannot believe it was 11 years ago that she came into our life. I keep trying to imagine her as a baby and little girl. It is so fun to see the photos I took from her toddler days. I always wondered who this little one will become. This questions is being answered every day. Today she loves art and science, riding her bike and reading books. I hope to help her find her passion. Something for her to do that will make her happiest. I cannot wait to learn more about my girl.
This is the invitation to her party coming up. We will make masks and have a photobooth for the girls to play in front of the camera.

Lantern Walk in Colorado

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If you haven’t ever been in Jamaica Plain for the autumn solstice, you probably have never heard of a lantern walk. Every year JP, a neighborhood in Boston, hosts a Lantern Walk. People with home made lanterns (typically made from 2 liter bottle and tissue paper) crowd the path along Jamaica Pond. Musicians and performers dot the path to entertain the walkers and the lanterns light up the horizon. Some of these lanterns are pretty detailed and intricate. JP is a greet place, with such an awesome energy. Much thanks for this energy should be given to Spontaneous Celebrations, a non profit who organizes this and the “Wake up the Earth” celebration in the spring.
Since we’ve recently moved to a neighborhood with a pond, I thought it would be really cool to do a lantern walk here. I couldn’t invite the entire neighborhood this year, instead I invited some old and new neighbors. We had a pretty good turn out, considering I began sending text invites three days before. It was a pretty tall order too: “your invited… by the way, you need to make a lantern”. So India and I made a few extras, and we hosted a lantern making party the day before. The favorite lantern I made had a wolf howling at the moon. It was swiped by a 3 year old. I didn’t complain too loudly. I’ll just have to make an even cooler one for next year’s walk.

Everyone enjoyed walking the pitch black, coyote filled backwoods of our neighborhood.