My Girl is 11

I cannot believe it was 11 years ago that she came into our life. I keep trying to imagine her as a baby and little girl. It is so fun to see the photos I took from her toddler days. I always wondered who this little one will become. This questions is being answered every day. Today she loves art and science, riding her bike and reading books. I hope to help her find her passion. Something for her to do that will make her happiest. I cannot wait to learn more about my girl.
This is the invitation to her party coming up. We will make masks and have a photobooth for the girls to play in front of the camera.

1 thought on “My Girl is 11”

  1. I remember when she was born! How fun to be able to watch her grow up – such a beautiful girl! Thanks for sharing your kids with the rest of us!

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