April 2015

Wish You Were Here: Mornings

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www.stacieannsmith.com boy with his cat at home in denver

waking up gradually

www.stacieannsmith.com boy with his cat at home in denver

kitty snuggle

www.stacieannsmith.com waking up in denver

come on boy- up!

Sometimes it is difficult to wake up. Sometimes mornings are horrible. Lately my littlest has been so funny and cute in the mornings that I had to start photographing his antics. These were taken while he snuggled on my lap. Of course Cleo the cat joined in. She can’t resist.
On Sunday I taught the 5 year olds at church and we talked about keeping the Sabbath day holy. This isn’t a difficult thing for our family; we know that on Sundays we don’t shop, go to the movies, friends’ parties, soccer games, etc. But when it comes to do in the best thing in the day, I feel like we could use some help. Watching a movie at home might not be the best use of our time.
While prepping to teach this class to the littles, I read a suggestion that scrapbooking on Sundays could be a nice family activity. I am not a scrapbook person, but I can bind a book and have plently of art supplies that are in need of use.
These morning photographs will be printed and my guy will be encouraged to put them in his book. We’ll see how it goes. I will also need to photograph the other two kids so they have something to scrapbook too. That’ll be tough. They are getting older and less willing to be in front of my lens.
This Sunday we will start by binding our albums. Wish me luck!

My Reflective Lens: Monthly Self Portrait Project

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“Open” as seen on My Reflective Lens























Each month I try to produce at least one self portrait. Along the way, I am sharing these images with a group of very talented photographers around the country and world who also create self portraits. Some for the first time. We have a facebook group and are also sharing on our website called My Reflective Lens.
I sometimes feel like self portraiture just seems natural, since I am home by myself with my thoughts and can create without the help of anyone. Other times I feel like self portraits are narcissistic and stupid. I have to push past the latter thought, since I really feel like this work has helped me create more purposefully. It may seem weird to photograph oneself… but I really do, in my heart, think it is a natural way to create and communicate through art.
Photograph yourself beyond the selfie, get past the duck face. If only so your family and friends can see you; the creator of so much beauty with a lens. Get in the shot.

Wish You Were Here: Stacie’s weekly photographs in Colorado

#EasterSunday #NaturalLight www.stacieannsmith.com #pastel #PlayingInTreesEvery week I try to photograph something going on to illustrate what the week was all about.  Each week these images are grouped along side up to 20 other photographer’s weekly happenings on the Wish You Were Here website.  It is fascinating to see the connections between images and happenings between photographers in different continents, hemispheres and even just different life experiences.  All the women who participate in this project are connected.  We are all communicating  to ourselves, to each other, to our future.  Each image photographing a memory to also communicate to our children or those who will follow us.

This image of my boy and his friend is last week’s submission.  Tomorrow another week will have passed and I will submit my next image.  This morning I photographed a bit of the wake-up routine… as much of it as I could before I had to make lunches.  Summer time will allow for more photographing.  Here’s to capturing the every day.