Wish You Were Here: Mornings

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www.stacieannsmith.com boy with his cat at home in denver

waking up gradually

www.stacieannsmith.com boy with his cat at home in denver

kitty snuggle

www.stacieannsmith.com waking up in denver

come on boy- up!

Sometimes it is difficult to wake up. Sometimes mornings are horrible. Lately my littlest has been so funny and cute in the mornings that I had to start photographing his antics. These were taken while he snuggled on my lap. Of course Cleo the cat joined in. She can’t resist.
On Sunday I taught the 5 year olds at church and we talked about keeping the Sabbath day holy. This isn’t a difficult thing for our family; we know that on Sundays we don’t shop, go to the movies, friends’ parties, soccer games, etc. But when it comes to do in the best thing in the day, I feel like we could use some help. Watching a movie at home might not be the best use of our time.
While prepping to teach this class to the littles, I read a suggestion that scrapbooking on Sundays could be a nice family activity. I am not a scrapbook person, but I can bind a book and have plently of art supplies that are in need of use.
These morning photographs will be printed and my guy will be encouraged to put them in his book. We’ll see how it goes. I will also need to photograph the other two kids so they have something to scrapbook too. That’ll be tough. They are getting older and less willing to be in front of my lens.
This Sunday we will start by binding our albums. Wish me luck!

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