My Reflective Lens: Monthly Self Portrait Project

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“Open” as seen on My Reflective Lens























Each month I try to produce at least one self portrait. Along the way, I am sharing these images with a group of very talented photographers around the country and world who also create self portraits. Some for the first time. We have a facebook group and are also sharing on our website called My Reflective Lens.
I sometimes feel like self portraiture just seems natural, since I am home by myself with my thoughts and can create without the help of anyone. Other times I feel like self portraits are narcissistic and stupid. I have to push past the latter thought, since I really feel like this work has helped me create more purposefully. It may seem weird to photograph oneself… but I really do, in my heart, think it is a natural way to create and communicate through art.
Photograph yourself beyond the selfie, get past the duck face. If only so your family and friends can see you; the creator of so much beauty with a lens. Get in the shot.

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