Wish You Were Here: Stacie’s weekly photographs in Colorado

#EasterSunday #NaturalLight www.stacieannsmith.com #pastel #PlayingInTreesEvery week I try to photograph something going on to illustrate what the week was all about.  Each week these images are grouped along side up to 20 other photographer’s weekly happenings on the Wish You Were Here website.  It is fascinating to see the connections between images and happenings between photographers in different continents, hemispheres and even just different life experiences.  All the women who participate in this project are connected.  We are all communicating  to ourselves, to each other, to our future.  Each image photographing a memory to also communicate to our children or those who will follow us.

This image of my boy and his friend is last week’s submission.  Tomorrow another week will have passed and I will submit my next image.  This morning I photographed a bit of the wake-up routine… as much of it as I could before I had to make lunches.  Summer time will allow for more photographing.  Here’s to capturing the every day.




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