The Broadmoor: Family Portrait

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You may have heard that the rain in Colorado this summer was epic.  Who knew that the week of the 4th of July would be so wet!  I know the rain wasn’t part of their vacation plans and it took us a little extra finagling to get this shoot to happen. I had never been to The Broadmoor Resort and it took my breath away.

family under a tree at the Broadmoore Resort, color photograph

I was so excited to meet Lisa Algert, and her family (of course).  Not only is she a talented photographer she is also a health nut, which I love.  It is always nice to meet another photographer whom I’ve only known from afar (that’s code for FB).  We got to chat after the shoot and I am so grateful to her for her bit of encouragement with my image transfer work.  She even gave me some tips on how to help my boy with celiac.  I hope San Fran is treating you well, and bringing some sunshine to make up for Colorado’s lack.

extended family portrait by the pond at the Boradmoor Resort

We began near the pond in the center of the Broadmoor complex. That place is expansive and quite beautiful… even with the low clouds obscuring the mountains.

family portrait by the pond at the Broadmoor Resort

Cutest girls.

b&w photograph of sisters under a tree at the Boradmoor Resort #stacieannsmith

They were brave and climbed down to this spot near the pond.

B&W photograph of a mom and son in front of the Broadmoor Resort

Pre-teens love a good hour with the camera in their face. Can’t you tell? I love this grimace/smirk

In the Studio: Vanity Fair Cover Shot

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Some of you may know what Vanity Fair is, and have caught a cover or two while in the grocery line. I took inspiration from those covers (I always imagine Annie Leibovitz behind the camera) when I was asked to photograph a large, glamorous family portrait this rainy summer. We were worried about the rain… and if it wasn’t raining- the heat.   So we planned to photograph inside and split the large group into smaller groups.

Have you ever seen a more beautiful group of people? I think not!

Vanity Fair Style family portrait, in studio, near Denver, Colorado

Bay Saint Louis, Mississippi

Friends, fun and home.  That is my absolute favorite thing to photograph.  I had the chance to visit my beautiful friend Ann Madden this last weekend.  She is probably one of the funniest people I have ever met.  Not only did I spend time with her, but my other two friends, Katy Tuttle and Kim Turner Smith, joined in on the fun.  We all went down to visit Ann and explore Bay Saint Louis and enjoy her gallery, Smith and Lens.  We each had a couple pieces in her show, Wonderland.  Really I wanted to see this place for myself.  It did not disappoint.

Family portrait, yellow house

Cutest family ever.

yellow house, front porch, kid with a trombone, #stacieannsmith,

The trombone made great noises.


This is my favorite kitchen. I have photographed many kitchens and have never come across one with so much character and warmth. I need to spend more time in the south.

southern kitchen, beadboard, rustic, aprons

A story in every inch of this place.

girl brushing hair getting ready to be photographed

and art everywhere

girls bedroom full of art, #stacieannsmith

dreamiest kids room.


photograph between drying drop cloths, black and white, #stacieannsmith

The drop cloths pulled us all in. It reminded me of bit of the corner Penn built… a lot less controlled. Much more imperfect, but still cool.


sisters on back porch, #stacieannsmith

So much greenery everywhere. Palms and lush, tropical foliage everywhere I turned. I want this porch and the light just makes it over the top.

photograph of a girl on backyard swing

So much energy. Donuts eaten before photographing guaranteed laughter and movement. I highly recommend sugar before a shoot… only if you can keep smiling with the crazy that follows.

Swami’s Beach: Senior Portrait

Do you know this place?  I believe it is named for the meditation garden overlooking the beach… but I could be wrong.  Go fact check on Wiki and let me know.

This beach is full of stuff to do.  Lots of surfers in the water, mostly long boarders (if you care).  Many people walking the rocks and when the tide is low, I’m sure there are people combing the tide pools.   We came for the cliffs and the water’s edge.  We came for a beauty to match, or at least come near, my niece’s.  Who is nearly 18.  Which means we just celebrated our 18th wedding anniversary.  Unreal.

swami's beach, encinitas, color photograph, lace dress, senior portrait, girl, strawberry blond
swami's beach, color photograph,encinitas, lace dress, high school senior portrait, girl, strawberry blond
strawberry blond, swami's beach, high school senior portrait, girl, blue eyes
toes in the sand, red nail polish, lace, swami's beach


Wish You Were Here: Denver Days

Hi all. Another week has passed in our summer vacation. Swim team is in full swing and we have heard “I’m bored!!” countless times. The kids don’t understand that being bored is really great. I try to tell them.

Two photographs showing the same boy on his way to the first and last day of school.

First day of school vs. last day of school. This guy has always got to accessorize.

Photograph of a boy drying off at the side of a Denver area pool on a cold summer morning after swim team.

Our first week of swim was cancelled due to rain. Every day- rain! Then once it warmed up, it threatened to rain every morning. It makes for great photographs and really cold swimmers.