Swami’s Beach: Senior Portrait

Do you know this place?  I believe it is named for the meditation garden overlooking the beach… but I could be wrong.  Go fact check on Wiki and let me know.

This beach is full of stuff to do.  Lots of surfers in the water, mostly long boarders (if you care).  Many people walking the rocks and when the tide is low, I’m sure there are people combing the tide pools.   We came for the cliffs and the water’s edge.  We came for a beauty to match, or at least come near, my niece’s.  Who is nearly 18.  Which means we just celebrated our 18th wedding anniversary.  Unreal.

swami's beach, encinitas, color photograph, lace dress, senior portrait, girl, strawberry blond
swami's beach, color photograph,encinitas, lace dress, high school senior portrait, girl, strawberry blond
strawberry blond, swami's beach, high school senior portrait, girl, blue eyes
toes in the sand, red nail polish, lace, swami's beach


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