The Broadmoor: Family Portrait

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You may have heard that the rain in Colorado this summer was epic.  Who knew that the week of the 4th of July would be so wet!  I know the rain wasn’t part of their vacation plans and it took us a little extra finagling to get this shoot to happen. I had never been to The Broadmoor Resort and it took my breath away.

family under a tree at the Broadmoore Resort, color photograph

I was so excited to meet Lisa Algert, and her family (of course).  Not only is she a talented photographer she is also a health nut, which I love.  It is always nice to meet another photographer whom I’ve only known from afar (that’s code for FB).  We got to chat after the shoot and I am so grateful to her for her bit of encouragement with my image transfer work.  She even gave me some tips on how to help my boy with celiac.  I hope San Fran is treating you well, and bringing some sunshine to make up for Colorado’s lack.

extended family portrait by the pond at the Boradmoor Resort

We began near the pond in the center of the Broadmoor complex. That place is expansive and quite beautiful… even with the low clouds obscuring the mountains.

family portrait by the pond at the Broadmoor Resort

Cutest girls.

b&w photograph of sisters under a tree at the Boradmoor Resort #stacieannsmith

They were brave and climbed down to this spot near the pond.

B&W photograph of a mom and son in front of the Broadmoor Resort

Pre-teens love a good hour with the camera in their face. Can’t you tell? I love this grimace/smirk

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