The Kids Next Door-

and then I said: “Let’s start in the garage. It’s very glamorous, daaaling.” I am all about glamor. Can’t you tell by my big hair, red lips and painted nails? If you know me at all, you know that haircuts, makeup, nails and facials are not really my thing. I had my first pedicure- ever- in August (my second was yesterday… pampering isn’t all bad). I think I just have other things on my mind. I know about a lot of things, but the options at a salon isn’t one of them.
So, back to glamor. I guess this is as close as I get to a glamor shot… as taken in my garage. #denverphotographer #childphotographer

I love that he climbed into the tree swing. Kids just do stuff. You turn your head for a minute and the next thing you know, they’re up in a tree or digging holes in you garden or singing a song. #denverphotographer #childphotographer #denverphotographer #childphotographer #denverphotographer #childphotographer

These kids are pretty nutty. All little sis wanted to do was play- enough already with the photos. I get the feeling that most people would rather not be photographed. Big brother was a huge help… with sis thinking his help was too much touching.

Do you love being in front of the camera? Or would you rather have a root canal?

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