The Forest at the Edge of the Water

This was the day we were expecting rain but hoping for a clearing in the afternoon.  We got clear skies for a couple hours… just enough time.  The sun wasn’t quite in the right spot when we began, so we headed to the shade of the trees. This is my favorite spot while riding my bike in the mornings.  The birds sing such varied tunes that it is almost (almost!) like being in the tropics.

Once the sun set a bit, we moved to the water’s edge… and it got cold! The blanket wasn’t just a prop, it was useful.  Such a lovely, serene family.

color photograph of a girl in the woods near Denver

Fall family portrait in the woods near Denver

B&W photograph of kids in the woods near Denver

B&W photograph of a dad with his boy


Mom and Dad portrait.

Roth2015-70-2 Roth2015-72-2 Fall famliy portrait at a lake near Denver

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