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Favorite Christmas Gifts

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This year was extra hecktic since we left for a cruise on the 15th. We decided to open our gifts on Friday the 14th. It was pretty nice… except if we ever did it again (yeah right) we’d probably open our presents after the vacation. There was no pressure to put up a tree. We couldn’t find the LED lights or giant bulbs for the tree outside, so that was a wash. Daddy’s gift was completed moments before after he got home on Friday. I just found Ezra’s gift from India.. she’ll give it to him for his birthday instead; and one of Zach’s gifts is in the garage while I’m typing this. Sounds like a project to keep Indi and I busy while bro sleeps. Well, at least we had an awesome trip and got to spend lots of quality time with family. We’ll remember this forever.

Given and received…
To Stacie:
Ez’s birth certificate sent from Danya 2 days before we left for Mexico. Total lifesaver!

To Daddy:
Another collage. This one for Daddy’s office.
India digs making these. Her friend was over and she helped tare and place the paper too.

To Grandmas and Grandpas:
gifts_6024.jpg gifts_6028.jpg
They each got a set of ornaments, which were received very well. The proof will be seen on their trees next year.
I wish Indi could have helped more with these, there just wasn’t time this year! I was up till 12am getting these put together. Boo hoo.. then I went on a cruise. heehee

To Uncle Noah:
He loved his tees from Threadless. This site is to die for… if you want some killer tee shirts check these out first.

To the kids:
Brobee and Foofa. The kids love “Yo Gabba Gabba”. It’s the rockin-est show on tv, don’t ya know. We could have bought the shirts for buko-bucks here but only had to go to Nick Jr. for a template or two.

The Latest Projects

Christmas is upon us. I really wanted to get India a project to work on for her present since she no longer likes any of her toys. So she says. I bought all the supplies for this house project. When we heard about these twin girls who lost their father I decided the house project would be used for them. Rather than have them do the work (lots of mom time for this one.. we want to give mom a break) India and I painted and styled this cute little house.
I got the idea through Amy’s blog found from Morgan’s awesome blog.

The girls didn’t turn out as cute as Amy’s. I think it’ll take a bit of practice.

We wall-papered all the walls and even the floors. India wanted a circle rug, just like in our house. This one’s pink; the ideal color.

We even painted the ceiling. India did a great job with the cloud next to the sun.

No more Hallmark


Last week was my nephew’s birthday. Since we couldn’t make it to Cali for the party, I sent some home-made thank you cards for my sis to send to their friends.
I really like cards that actually mean something, that are relevent to the person sending and receiving. Goodbye Hallmark… hello Stacie’s Creations. Lame name, but you get the idea. I think a card should have some touch of humanity. It’s like making food. For Mexicans, to show respect and love they will use their hands to create the dough or shread the meat. If you ever get the chance, pick up the book Like Water for Chocolate. A great, funny, flavorful book written by a Mexican woman… about a cook. I digress…
Anyway, if you ever have the chance to either make your own card, or have me create one for you, be sure to put something on it by you. A little hand-written, non-canned note. At the very least, a signature. Maybe even get the kiddos to draw a picture.
Although I must say that after begining this post I received a birthday email card. You know, one of those online dealios. Well, it was so nice to get something that I didn’t mind a totally non-handmade card. There is something to be said for remembering. I am terrible at that. My cousin… she’s the best.
Just a few thoughts…

A Late Birthday Present

It was Sunday and Teri’s birthday was on the Thursday before and we had nothing… Then I had this great idea of making up a portrait with Teri, India, and Ezra. So we did. I was inspired by this artist Claudine Hellmuth who will create a portrait almost like a caricature you would get at the fair… only one hundred times more beautiful and something you would be proud to have on your wall for years to come.
Our version was a bit rougher then any of hers but it was something that India and I could do together. We both tore the paper and pasted it down and India drew the bodies for each of the heads. All I had to do was sketch out the beach scene and print out the heads. What a great Sunday afternoon activity. It was a blast.

Creating a Bird Stamp

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India and I were watching the Martha Stewart Show together. Yes, we sometimes watch that show. I typically fast-forward past Martha’s sometimes awkward banter to get to the good stuff. I love Tivo. India saw them coloring in bird stamps with makeup. Coloring and makeup?? She had to do it. I told her we could make a stamp and create our own bird picture.
Later that night she kept telling me that she could cut four pieces of paper at the same time. I thought that was great, but had no idea what she was up to. The next day I came to our project room (yes, we now have a project room/office) and I saw this:

I asked her what it was. She promptly told me it was her bird stamp that she made. How great is that?
I let her know that I had just bought some blocks and ink so we could make our own stamp. Not from paper. Basically I purchased more block printing supplies.
Last year I had made a passport for a church activity. I carved my own ‘stamp’, if you will, out of that very soft woodblock printing block that is available at any art supply store (even Michael’s has it, but that is all you’ll find). It was so easy to do that I wanted to give the harder, linoleum blocks a try. That way the block would last longer and I could make finer lines more easily. My desire to get back to woodblock printing began a couple weeks ago. I was inspired by a friend’s collection of greeting cards displayed in her home. I thought, I can do that.
Well, India beat me to it. We printed out a few images of birds for her to copy and this is what she came up with. I carved the block and she did the rest!
This is the block:

and this is a print: