The Latest Projects

Christmas is upon us. I really wanted to get India a project to work on for her present since she no longer likes any of her toys. So she says. I bought all the supplies for this house project. When we heard about these twin girls who lost their father I decided the house project would be used for them. Rather than have them do the work (lots of mom time for this one.. we want to give mom a break) India and I painted and styled this cute little house.
I got the idea through Amy’s blog found from Morgan’s awesome blog.

The girls didn’t turn out as cute as Amy’s. I think it’ll take a bit of practice.

We wall-papered all the walls and even the floors. India wanted a circle rug, just like in our house. This one’s pink; the ideal color.

We even painted the ceiling. India did a great job with the cloud next to the sun.

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