No more Hallmark


Last week was my nephew’s birthday. Since we couldn’t make it to Cali for the party, I sent some home-made thank you cards for my sis to send to their friends.
I really like cards that actually mean something, that are relevent to the person sending and receiving. Goodbye Hallmark… hello Stacie’s Creations. Lame name, but you get the idea. I think a card should have some touch of humanity. It’s like making food. For Mexicans, to show respect and love they will use their hands to create the dough or shread the meat. If you ever get the chance, pick up the book Like Water for Chocolate. A great, funny, flavorful book written by a Mexican woman… about a cook. I digress…
Anyway, if you ever have the chance to either make your own card, or have me create one for you, be sure to put something on it by you. A little hand-written, non-canned note. At the very least, a signature. Maybe even get the kiddos to draw a picture.
Although I must say that after begining this post I received a birthday email card. You know, one of those online dealios. Well, it was so nice to get something that I didn’t mind a totally non-handmade card. There is something to be said for remembering. I am terrible at that. My cousin… she’s the best.
Just a few thoughts…

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