newborn portrait

Newborn Portrait: Into Loving Arms

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I had the chance to photograph this new baby boy a few weeks ago. His grandma and grandpa were there to greet him.  So many awaiting this little one with open arms.  Welcome little guy! #denverfamilyphotographer #infant #denverfamilyphotographer #infant #denverfamilyphotographer #infant #denverfamilyphotographer #infant #denverfamilyphotographer #infant

I wanted to present the photographs in slideshow form, since I have never done that before. As many of you know, I love music. Music and imagery are two of my very favorite things. I could probably spend hours choosing music to pair with a video. Thanks to Mr. Google, my search was cut short when I came across this simple, but beautiful, piano piece.

Tell me what you think. Too sentimental? Perfect? What’s the word on the video? Does it take forever to load?

Newborn Session: sweetest little sister

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I photographed this babe just before she entered the world. Remember? She’s here and she fits right in with the rest of her siblings, looking so similar to both her big bro and sister. Wish I had a few shots of the three together. We’ll have to do that soon. #infantportrait #denverphotographer #newborn #infantportrait #denverphotographer #newborn #infantportrait #denverphotographer #newborn #infantportrait #denverphotographer #newborn #infantportrait #denverphotographer #newborn #infantportrait #denverphotographer #newborn

Dad took a minute from work to give a rub. #infantportrait #denverphotographer #newborn


Image Transfer

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I’ve had several people ask what they should wear for their portrait.  My answer is simple.  Yes, wear something simple.  Something classic.  Something that says spring or is you.  Or go totally crazy.  I think this process could stand a little outlandish.  A little garish.  A flower crown and tiny bouquet will be on hand at the studio.  Feel free to bring along a favorite baseball glove or soccer ball.  Props work well.

Here’s a look into how I make these lovelies: #imagetransfer #mothersday #minisession #denverphotographer

Unique art for the moms

I cannot wait to create 10 more of these beautiful, totally unique and perfectly imperfect portraits on April 26th. I know what the moms in my family are receiving for Mother’s Day.

Do you? #mothersday #minisession #coloradophotographer #denverphotographer

Baby at Flat Irons

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Love this little guy. Can’t wait to see him at one year. He has grown so much since the last time I saw him .  Such a sweet little guy and a beautiful day at Chautauqua.  More to come…