Newborn Portrait: Into Loving Arms

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I had the chance to photograph this new baby boy a few weeks ago. His grandma and grandpa were there to greet him.  So many awaiting this little one with open arms.  Welcome little guy! #denverfamilyphotographer #infant #denverfamilyphotographer #infant #denverfamilyphotographer #infant #denverfamilyphotographer #infant #denverfamilyphotographer #infant

I wanted to present the photographs in slideshow form, since I have never done that before. As many of you know, I love music. Music and imagery are two of my very favorite things. I could probably spend hours choosing music to pair with a video. Thanks to Mr. Google, my search was cut short when I came across this simple, but beautiful, piano piece.

Tell me what you think. Too sentimental? Perfect? What’s the word on the video? Does it take forever to load?

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