Robots and a Funny Shirt

So we figured out a gift for the birthday boy on Saturday. I think it was a great success.
He really liked the shirt India made. Go figure. I thought he would pass right over that!
Here’s what we came up with.

A make-your-own robot set inspired by this one… which is way cooler. You gotta start somewhere, right?

A shirt designed and painted by India. Have you ever done a freezer paper shirt? That’s what we did. We had about 4 stencils made from the paper. It turned out pretty cool, if I do say so myself.

7 thoughts on “Robots and a Funny Shirt”

  1. Ok, we want to know what freezer paper is, and how do you do this? VERRRRYYY cool. I also love the make your own robot kit idea and I am going to blatantly steal the idea for a friend’s birthday in April. It will be perfect for him, he’s starting a robot class in a few weeks at MIT!

    Thx for sharing…hope you are feeling better…….

  2. Ok. Check out the bag and foil aisle at the grocery store. There is an actual thing called freezer paper. It’s great. You can draw on the flat side and then iron it on… the shiny side will stick to the shirt. If you cut out a pattern you will have made a stencil. A roll costs about $4.
    Then we bought fabric paint at Michael’s and there you have it! Easy tee shirt that looks like it was silk screened. They are one run shirts, though. You can make duplicate stencils but you cannot reuse them. You’ll see once you peel them off… which we did immediately. With lots of excitement.
    Glad the robot idea will come in handy. Check out out my blog for a link to a few more photos of even cooled robots and a place to order wood pieces.

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