Halloween Party

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Today was our neighborhood Halloween party.   What a blast.  It was a bit of a blur for me since I was kept on my toes trying to photograph all the different gouls and goblins oh and lots of princesses and pirates!  Go here for the whole collection.  I am offering one free 4×6 per household (Anneslie residents only) per shot until November 23rd.  So order soon! 

To start off, I went as a spider mamma… not really sure of my costume title.  We had a rose, (as she would say “rOse”, heavy on the ‘o’, Baltimore style)  and a spider with many, many fat legs.  Zach was his chaperone… we’ll have to work on his costume before Tuesday:

_dsc7679.jpg  _dsc7337_1.jpg


This little goldfish couldn’t be missed and how cute is this spooky skeleton!

_dsc7504.jpg  _dsc7349.jpg

Watch out for the zombie


Beautiful princess and I love this father and son costume… both on scooters too!

_dsc7533.jpg  _dsc7426.jpg


6 thoughts on “Halloween Party”

  1. I just love Halloween! How fun to see everyone’s costumes. Love the black lipstick Stacie. I think you are on to something! I absolutely love the pic of India. She is beautiful. Zach better watch out for all the boys who are after her!! Enjoy your 70 degree weather while we are freezing! Love, Mandy

  2. Stacie, you look awsome as the spyder mama! Good to see you can still be on the other side of the camera too…
    The kids looked cute as ever. Wish I could’ve been there.

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