Similar But Different

Twins have always fascinated me.  Zach wanted twins when I was first pregnant.  That was ages ago and I think we are both glad to have had all our kids one at a time.

Then we met this family with quads… all boys!  Watching them interact and play is pretty cool.  I can’t believe I actually got all their names down while photographing them.  Their different personalities and their love (and annoyance) for each other is beautiful.  All normal stuff, but different in little twin-ish ways from my singletons.

Autumn and I met about a year ago.  We are both creatives (she’s amazing and on Instagram @kimballcreative), and we’ve all spent time in Sydney so the connection was immediate.  I look forward to hanging with these guys as the years go by.

black and white portrait of twin brothers





Fall family portrait on a fence with quadruplets


Color photograph of a boy playing in a creek near Denver

fall family portrait at a creek with quadruplet boys near Denver



B&W photograph with quadruplets



b&w photograph of boys running

Fall family portrait with dad giving a big hug.


Family portrait at sunset.

Photograph of a hug from mom beside the road.

Photograph of a sunset with a kid running alongside the road near Denver

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  1. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaa! I’m so thrilled and excited I have always loved your work the action shots are going to be my favourite!!!!! Thank you thank you

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