my photographic history

In high school I wanted to be a fashion photographer; photograph bands for Rolling Stone. I thought I wanted to photograph the glamorous and famous.

Then I went to college.  Avedon, Cindy Sherman, Eugene Smith, Imogene Cunningham, Julia Margaret Cameron, Irving Penn and many others opened my eyes to a different kind of beauty. Richard Misrach with his stark landscapes and subtle color pallet of the Nevada Badlands colored my work while I lived in Utah.  I discovered that subtle beauty is everywhere. Especially in rural Provo, UT.

Provo Color

My photographs began to tell stories, make jokes and statements. I grew up and decided I would be a story teller and photograph the art of life.

Before graduating in 1999 I photographed a few narratives, the biggest and most public being the work I did for the book “Streaked With Light and Shadow” an oral history of the Russian Jewish immigrants in Utah.  The photographs I made and stories I learned are still with me today.


After leaving Utah we spent seven years in Boston where I learned hands on from commercial and wedding photographers.  I began photographing for my own clients in 2002.  I photographed weddings exclusively while in Boston (5 years) and expanded to include families while in Baltimore (almost 2 years).

Today I photograph the connection and love that we all cherish. My favorite way to photograph a family is while they are enjoying life and each other.  I make portraits, I create pieces of art and I photograph life as it happens around me.

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