Be Mine

Can you believe that yesterday was around 70 degrees and today the snow is falling? Believe it. That’s how things operate here in Denver. Yesterday we ate lunch on the picnic table and played at the park. Today I’m sipping a cup of hot ginger tea and considering whether or not to take the sled to school for the V-day party.
I am also finishing up the teacher’s Valentine. There just isn’t enough time in the day… when mom has meetings most nights it makes completing projects difficult. Last night I met with the Slow Food group and had a blast talking school gardens and watching a slide show presentation of the Edible Schoolyard (out in Berekley, CA) along with UC Santa Cruz’s cool farm and kid garden. Lots of photos of really innovative structures made out of bicycle tire rims and trellises.
The Slow Food group is awesome. There is a small portion of the convivia (I think that’s Italian for chapter) that are interested in education. Their whole motivation is to get successful gardens into schools, and have the kids cook and eat the food. Most of the group are parents and teachers. How altruistic can you get??
Ok, I just finished the valentine. I hope it dries in time.
I got this idea from Patricia who’s blog has several ideas on how to reuse items that are usually tossed.

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