Christmas cookies

Last Christmas update.  I just thought this too cute to skip.  We made a whole bunch of gingerbread cookies.  Both kids decorated a lot.  Well, India made about half while Ezra ate what he made.

Often our front room gets really warm in the winter, that’s why no shirts.  Even if it is 20 degrees outside, it’s a balmy 70 in our front room.  The rest of the house is a different story.  I love all the sun, especially after living in the north side of our Victorian through Boston’s cold, long winters.  It reminds me of the sliding glass door growing up.  I used to curl up in the sun like a cat and enjoy the rays.  There are no sliding glass doors in old Victorians or Colonials, which we lived in while in Baltimore.

If you’re wondering; the sun does not shine through these windows in the summer and the house often stays nice and cool throughout the hot season.  I believe we use the swamp cooler about 15-20 days out of the year.




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