Christmas in LA

Ok, I know, Christmas was a month ago. It has taken me awhile to get caught up. Our New Years cards are almost ready. I know, it’ll be Valentines before I get those darn things out. I’ll show you what I did in another post… then you’ll understand why they took for-ev-er to do.
This little girl is a doll, and her mom makes all sorts of cool jewelry. I thought it would be fun to cover her with jewels and photograph her on Rodeo Dr. The weather wasn’t great, and we had 3 kids to wrangle besides. The cows were a perfect answer, fun and very close by. We even got a nice visit from the restaurant’s chef. Wish I could remember the name of the place, I was told it is really good.


jade_5919.jpg jade_5943.jpg

jade_5949.jpg jade_5980.jpg



At home, in the buff. So cute.

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