Disneyland Vacation

Just before heading to France Zach had a conference at the happiest place on earth… yup, Disneyland! We went last year while I was pregnant with Zed and had a blast. Such a wonderful place, every worker nice and helpful. No issues or problems and hardly any lines the entire day! It helped that it rained everywhere but Anaheim.

This year we did catch rain, and quite a bit of it. But we still had a great time and the babe and I could go on almost everything. Just the 3 kids and me and it worked great. I used the Moby Wrap and didn’t have to take Zed out except for the Rodger Rabbit ride… which I don’t suggest. Bleh.

The kids went on the roller coasters with Zach that night. He was able to get an evening ticket from the Hotel (they only offer them to conference attendees). When we returned to California we went to Legoland. The rides weren’t as impressive or baby friendly. India thought it was way cooler than Disneyland but she’s a Lego fanatic.

India was chosen to be a Padawan. Ezra was heartbroken. Luckily he cheered up enough to watch India fight Darth Vader. I think it helped that Darth Maul was so close to us. He was super intense and looked exactlt like the character in the movie; yellow contacts and everything. We met Peter Pan and the Fairies and Mickey.

One of the favorites, Small World. I think Zed really liked it too.

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