Firefighters for a Day

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We had a blast hangin in the street with kids, parents and firefighters. The Denver Firefighters Museum had its’ free day and had so many things for the kids to do. My kids ran an obstacle course to save a bear from a ‘burning’ building, put band-aids on injured bears they could take home, escaped a smoke filled room (ok, imaginary smoke with a smoke alarm letting them know they needed to leave). It was such an unbearably hot day. Thankfully one of the fire trucks had a hose shooting water high into the sky, hitting the street (and any hot persons) below. The kids could also douse a burning house (the fire would tip back on their hinges back once the hose hit them) with a real fire hose. So cool.
Here are a few images from the day:

Lots of cool dress-up. We need something like this for Ez at home since he loves India’s pink dress-up dress way too much.

Ready to save the day… and the bear

Ezra was so cute as he tried to grab that bear and drag him out of the tunnel. Is it terrible that India’s run wasn’t pictured? I feel bad, but Ez is just too cute to resist… she’s done all this before, is that it? Ok, guilty conscious talk will now end.

All smiles through the struggle.  It seemed to take about 3 minutes for him to get out of this thing:

Looking a little smug here. He did it and everyone was cheering him on:

Ah, I almost forgot to mention the crane ride. Yes, you heard me. We got to take a ride in a fire engine’s crane. I think we were up 80 feet here:

At the top of the world:

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