Friendship Bracelet

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Do you remember spending hours making friendship bracelets?  I sure do.  My friend Heather suggested we give this as a birthday gift.  We have a few more to make and give, but I’ll show the one we made along with the directions we copied from Design Mom.  India is very excited to make these herself.  We just need more floss, since we gave it all away!

I would suggest not gluing the paper under the clip of the board.  It was tough letting it dry without getting glued down.  Heather sewed a simple pouch to hold the floss, scissors and instruction paper, which India and I made together.

As stated before, the instructions were taken from Design Mom, but we didn’t include the last few steps… We were in a hurry and finishing this up minutes before the party.  There may have been yelling heard from the street.  “Hold the thread like THIS, I can’t see it well enough!”  Not one of my best moments.  Apologies were made to the poor girl.

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