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Hello to all the blog world, which I feel is no longer reading blogs. Is this true? Personally, I no longer read blogs. If you do not follow me on Facebook, then you will not know all the crazy things that I have been doing. Even if you do follow me you might not be aware of how busy I’ve been.

I’ve been getting pieces ready for 4 shows along with a million transfers for this Saturday’s Handcrafted in Colorado pop up trunk show. Ok, maybe not a million. I wanted to have 20, but it looks like that number is dwindling. Maybe 10-15 transfers to sell.

Anyway, what has been consuming me and my time has really been my gallery appearances. This month is the Month of Photography in Denver and I have 4 pieces in 3 different shows. #SelfPortrait
“I’d Rather Be”
These photographs were created while listening to Dead Kennedys’ “Holiday in Cambodia” and because of that I felt it might fit into the Rock & Roll show at my friend’s Bay St Luis, Mississippi gallery Smith and Lens. If you are ever in or near Bay St. Luis, please stop in and say hi to Ann. You will not be sorry you did. She is one of the best people out there and highly entertaining. #SelfPortrait
This piece is currently hanging at the Hinterland Art Space in Denver’s RINO Art District and is entitled Too Much. The show runs through April 3rd. It can also be seen with many other self portraits by different photographers over at My Reflective Lens, a monthly self portrait project that I am part of this year. #SelfPortrait
Internal Struggle #SelfPortrait
Faceless in a Crowd
These two photographs will be hanging at the Aurora Cultural Arts District at 1400 Dallas St. The opening reception is Saturday night from 6-8pm (I can only stay until 7) after which people will be invited to the Fox theater for a stage production of Harm’s Way ($22). These two events mark the start of an entire women in arts festival. The show will be hanging until April 4th. #SelfPortrait
This piece will be hanging at Spark Gallery at 900 Santa Fe in Devner until April 12th. The opening reception will be Friday night also 6-9. I will be there around 7:45-9pm.

I plan to leave my house on Friday night at 5:30. Anyone who wants to join me in both places can hop on the party van and we’ll crank the music and drive through traffic together.

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