Getting Ready for Baby

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The other day we spent after school time at our neighbor’s house.  They have this super comfortable rocking chair that is also super modern.  It reminded me of my chair search a couple weeks ago that turned up some uber-chic rocking chairs.  After that search I looked at the more standard, and affordable, chairs… blah!  Why would I want another one of those?  The last one, although wonderfully useful while it lasted, was very noisy and not very stylish.

Anyway, Zach came to our neighbors to help round up the kids and I mentioned their rocking chair and how we really need one.  Once home, my researcher began a looking on Craig’s List while I was busy getting dinner ready.  By dinner time he had found the chair.  A white Herman Miller shell with arms and a rocker to boot.  For those of you not into vintage modern furniture, let’s just say it’s a very cool chair.  Maybe you’d think this isn’t the most comfortable chair in the world, but our shell chairs for the bar are actually quite comfortable.

So, I called the seller and he was free that night.  After dinner we began to head out when there was a knock at the door.  I had completely forgotten we had an appointment with the EQ.  Well, we said our apologies and headed out the door.  Nesting errands trump visits from people.  Ha!  Sorry guys.

Anyway we got to the seller’s house and he had an upholstered rocker.  Even better.  I sat, rocked, checked it out and we chatted about the history of these chairs.  He said the rockers were made for expecting office workers.  Cool.  It looked good and fit me well; we paid the man and headed home with our treasure.

Once home I realized I could really use this chair in my office while waiting for the baby.  So comfortable.  Not sure I’ll be able to give it up once the baby comes.  I’ll just be nursing and surfing all day long.


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  1. I had to smile when I saw this posting as I have a beautiful white Eames rocker in Andrew’s room as well. It is my most favorite chair and while middle of the night sleep/feedings were difficult without a headrest, I wouldn’t give up this chair in a million years!!

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