Happy Valentines Day

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I was just reading the latest post over at Angry Chicken and saw that she interviewed an artist who just wrote a book on printing. In the interview she mentioned how after reading the book, she and her kids want to carve erasers and print all sorts of things. I realized we did just that the other day. Not on an eraser, but on the back of the Z stamp I made for Zed’s cards.
Ezra drew the illustration and wrote his name, in pencil, on a piece of paper. I then used the handle of a brush to rub the backside of the image drawn on paper onto the Speedball “Speedy-Carve” medium I typically use for block prints/stamps. Because I transferred the image I was able to have Ezra’s name written backwards on the pad, ready to carve. I once carved directly into the medium and everything was printed backwards. Don’t do that. I had to say the invite must be read in a mirror to break the secret code. Ha!
I had Ezra ink up the first few and print them on his own, but to make them legible I had to do the rest.

Both he and India also did a few shrinky dink necklaces to give to teachers and best-ies. You can see how I fixed Ezra’s printing attempts. I just went over them with white.
I like what Ezra drew… I like that he is drawing these days. Earlier in the week he came home from school with a handmade Harry Potter book. It was obviously not teacher initiated, just a few little pages stapled together (by the teacher). He was so happy with his creation he cut out the figures and began coloring and playing Quidditch with them.
These are two pages left intact:

The one on the left is probably Harry, with his glasses… not sure who the other is. I think the ice cream cone arms are their wands.

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