Holiday Deadline

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That time of year has arrived!  Holiday deadlines are always sooner than we’d like.  Mine is quickly approaching… November 19th.  Get your orders in quickly so you’ll have time to send out those photo cards and gifts!

Some pictures to get your juices flowing:

Our card from last year. I had to add a photo, but after doing 3 runs of printing on 60 cards I couldn’t imagine trying to wrangle the family…

So we used a photograph of Zach’s Christmas present. By adding text to a 4×6″ print it made a bit more sense having it in along with the card.
My quantity print prices (50 prints or more) can be found on my proofing site. Just click on a gallery and select a print to order. You’ll see the large quantity print prices listed towards the bottom. Once you order the print, you can add text. Just put what you want written in the Special Instructions area, I will send you a proof via email before sending to press.

This was taken in the spring with the idea of using it for a Holiday card. Even though everyone was wearing pastel, I was able to make it very season neutral. With the pop of red, instant seasonal card. Each card is designed specifically for each family. Take advantage of this. I haven’t begun charging a design fee (I know, I’m crazy).

This was sent out in the fall, so not a holiday card. But shows a bit of the range.

Not only are these cool looking cards but the paper they are printed on is superb. My lab calls it their watercolor paper and it has a wonderfully tactile feel.

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