I Won’t Shut Up

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This was read in Relief Society (the women’s group) yesterday at Church.  It struck me, and reminds me of Brene Brown’s TED talk. Brene talks about being authentic and real, knowing that perfection is not a prerequisite for love and happiness.  We should not fear others, not worry about popularity.  Our job is to search for truth and lean on that and not be pushed off course.
This poem (and the lesson that was shared with it) also speaks of commitment. Commitment to a cause, to family, to others, to self, to life. Commitment is what moves us forward, helps us (and those we associate with) learn and grow. I need more commitment, more drive, more immersion in life. Immersion can be frightening.  It’s nicer to escape.  I lack commitment but it’s in me. It just needs to be awoken. Simply having a place to write my thoughts, as they come to me, will help me learn and grow. No, not on this blog… on paper.  I love paper and pen.  Such old tools.


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