Inspiration from “That Artist Woman”

I posted of Facebook how I had been inspired by a blog called “That Artist Woman” several weeks ago. She does some really amazing work with here elementary school kids (she’s an art teacher). Since the art program at India’s school is lacking, I have been frustrated by the fact that art is yet another thing she needs to have supplemented after school. As the years have passed, and homework takes longer, the time we have for art at home is dwindling. India loves art, she loves to create things. So my goal is to do more with her. This blog has helped. Here is the result:

This was a gift for the kids’ cousin. He loves Batman… although he has a Iron Man b-day party. My kids (and I) don’t know Iron Man, so we opted for Batman. I hope he likes it. If anything, it was great to get something together that India was excited about. She wanted to work on it every night. We googled Batman coloring pages to get the images and then worked on the story. India wanted a much more complex story line, but as with many things in our life, this was all done very last minute. It was drying in the car ride to the party. Humph. The inspiration can be found here. She had put in many different movable pieces that we just didn’t have time to do. Maybe you’ll create something similar… if you do, please share!

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