Ist Day of School


My two kiddos back in school.  The middle child in Kindergarten.  Wow, what a difference my days are.  Now I must keep my littlest occupied and running around so he’s wiped out enough to sleep at night (I haven’t been successful with this yet).  Oh and Ezra is battling a bad attitude.  Every day he thinks he’s had no fun.  It’s especially pronounced now that school is here.  I try to convince him we did have fun, that is makes everyone sad when he complains about what we all enjoyed, that he needs to enjoy the time we have with kids even if they aren’t our best friends.  I hope this is helping him and that he can iron out the kinks of his moodiness.

7 thoughts on “Ist Day of School”

  1. Totally crazy. I hope Agnes does well on her first day. Is it today? Zed likes his own space, but I think he misses the fun he had with the kids around… especially since India has HOMEWORK!

  2. LOVE the school pictures. My goodness India’s hair is so cool. Did you do a real french braid or that twisty kindwhere you use two pieces of hair.
    GWen is currently trying to eat my computer,
    but I was thinking I totally need to take a (not as awesome) first day of school pic of Monty – he’s starting Kindergarten this fall, too!
    Love catching up on all your pics and activities.

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