Mother’s Day Portrait Party

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Once, many years ago on Mother’s Day, I assisted a few photographers who took an afternoon to photograph several families using an 8×10″ camera. Each family paid around $50 and received one 8×10″ Polaroid. They could choose either b&w or color and I helped the photographers make chocolate (taking the B&W Polaroid neg and sandwiching it with the Polaroid Color positive). Something I learned from my friend Christina who interned at the Polaroid studio in NYC. A pretty special and unique print.
Ever since working that Mother’s Day portrait event I have wanted to do something similar. Mother’s Day is a special day and a portrait of mom’s little ones would be a perfect gift. I know this post is 2 months too early, but it’s never too soon to plan for the most important woman in you life, right? Besides, this is an awesome deal and I’m sure many will take advantage of this opportunity.

If you were wondering, I would love a fancy new camera bag (like this) for Mother’s Day, or a new fixed wide angle lens, and the latest “Healthy Bread in 5 minutes” book (which I just bought yesterday, sorry).

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