My Boy’s Day

So cute just watching the older boys playing ball on our way home from dropping big sis off at school.

Then off to the Littleton Historic Museum. They’ve got a working farm with an old time school, blacksmith, and home with a pretty extensive kitchen garden. Oh yes, and a cat who was really friendly and followed us for awhile.

This is in one of the barns. I have been inspired by the fashion images of late, which are pretty low-key; meaning dark or even underexposed. It was difficult to get this shot with my point and shoot. The shutter speed was really low so I made sure to take several in a row and hope one came out. Wiggly boy (or maybe I’m the shaky one). Anyway, I made sure the auto focus/exposure square landed on a lighter part of his face so the camera wouldn’t try to lighten the shadows. Does that make sense? Much easier to do when you’ve got control of your settings. Just expose for the highlights and let the shadows land where they will.

This one was with the flash, which my camera automatically fired. Ah, I hate on camera flash! But what a cute smile. I had to reduce the red-eye in Photoshop at home. With the flash so close to the lens, red-eye is typically unavoidable. Unless you don’t mind waiting 2 minutes for your camera to fire while the red-eye-reducer flashes. Meanwhile, your subject has moved or even thinks the picture has already been taken! Not worth it!

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