My Mom

It has been several weeks on my mind to share my thoughts on moms in photographs. Between gearing up for my Mother’s Day Mini Sessions to attending a funeral for a mother of 3 young boys, motherhood has been on my mind. What does it mean to be a mother, what will be said about us, the woman in our family? Who will remember how we laughed and loved and lived? Will there be photographs showing us? Because, let’s face it, we are behind the camera taking pictures of everyone else.
I keep thinking of this one photograph I took of my mom with my eldest. India was being a goof and my mom had her arms wrapped around her. My mom is always good for a hug. I think that just might be one of her best qualities. Her hugs and her love and her ease at which she tells you that she loves you. This image is actually on my fridge as a tiny magnet I made several years ago for Christmas. #grandma #mothersday

Now, I know my mom. My mom does not enjoy having her picture taken. I think it helps when someone is standing in front of her, like in this photo. But, man, that photograph is one of my favorites. I am so happy she relaxed and gave a genuine smile. Actually, I had to dig out the photo I took of her with Zed, my littlest. Here too, not thrilled about being photographed, but such a special image. #mothersday #grandma

My first Mother’s Day: #lilacsunday #mothersday #grandma

Every day there is a woman being photographed who would rather wait to be thinner, have fewer pimples, less cellulite, flab, more curves, could look and feel better about themselves. But the memory we leave behind, though our love may be strong, is only a whisper when there is no photograph, no portrait, no writings. So grandma, enjoy your time with your grand kids and ASK to be photographed. Write down your stories. Leave something behind for us to remember your love, strength and beauty. #mothersday #grandma

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