Zach received an email saying Barack Obama was going to be in town the next day. Very close to our house, even. Once we arrived we were at the end of a 3-block long line. We were told by one of the volunteers that there were an estimated 34,000 people in line and we knew there was only space for 8,000. Shortly after that information was given, Ezra and I went on a walk. We saw the line was moving, but were also told that the fire dept. had cut things off. We went back to our place in line and decided to go home. But on our way to the car we saw a small line merging into the larger line, very close to the front. With only a moments hesitation and slight remorse, we got into the end of this line. Sorry to all who didn’t make it in! It’s a dog-eat-dog world.
Once we got in we were herded into the overflow room which we promptly left, following the folks in front of us. We made it into the main auditorium and were on the floor even. I shook Barack’s hand and Ezra affectionately calls him “Omamma” and waved goodbye as we left after the speech.
Waiting at the end of the line
Moving-in at the front of the line.
My boys.
Waiting for a little over an hour. No complaints here, just excited to be there.
Shortly after this was when I shook his hand.

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