Pieced Together

Bad weather, either too cold or too hot, requires a studio… and early January was freezing!!!  My studio only holds a few people at a time and this is the work around for a constrained space.  This session the space wasn’t really an issue, it was the light.  It was later in the day so I had everyone huddle close to the light.  The call time for winter photo shoots is around 3pm and this was the day we had to photograph these guys… during the week and before their soldier went back out into the field.  Thankfully everyone could get off work a bit early.

It always makes me smile seeing beautiful personalities shine through.  These boys are all so sweet.  I had never met two of them (or their dad) and it was so nice to see what great men they are and are becoming.  Good job, Steph.

Family Portrait in Denver area photography studio, winter photo session

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